Thursday, May 08, 2008

I Work With Awesome People

I'm going in for surgery today. I have gall stones and need to have my weak and evil organ removed. Hopefully it will serve as an example to the liver, so that it will continue to service my alcohol processing needs with no complaint. Anyway, I'm going to be stuck at home recovering for a week and I just got a surprise shipment from Amazon of three seasons of TV shows (all of which I've been dying to see) to help keep me from going stir crazy.

You guys are legend- ... wait for it ... -dary.


Emily said...

SWEET!! What shows are you going to watch?

Also, I had a gallbladder episode years ago and the god...the pain. Here's to a speedy and television filled recovery...and more bacon than ever thought possible.

ClimbingBoy said...

Probably Dexter first. It will go well with the GTA4 I'm playing.