Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We Work Hard, We Play Hard

Given that I haven't done cardio for quite some time, I found my handiest excuse (that being that having my gym near where I work makes it hard to schedule cardio time) and eliminated it. The only way I had to do that was to join a second gym in the city near where I live.

So after some Yelp time I found out that there are two reasonable options inside of a short (1-mile) walk and I picked the one without the reviews of mildew in the locker room. So I'm now a member of Gold's Gym.

The thing is that this gym is in the heart of SoMa. That's bear country. And there are a lot of bears at the gym. Here are the two things I've learned in my last week

  1. Bears need beauty sleep too

  2. I Will Survive is appropriate work out music

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