Monday, October 01, 2007

Immigration May Not Cure American Entitlement

One of my longstanding hopes for fighting the Super-Size me ego-centric American culture that I see around me (and, to be fair, in me) was through immigration. I'm proud of living in a melting pot, and I've always been impressed at the work ethic of people when they've come to the new world. Whether it's the Irish, Italians or Mexicans, it's always seemed like people coming to this country respected and appreciated a hard days work for a fair days wage.

But it seems that these better-land attitudes are lasting fewer and fewer generations. What got me thinking about this was a conversation I overheard while waiting in the midnight line to purchase Halo 3. A working class Mexican who I could tell truly loved his son and wanted to give him the world, was on line with him to give him the video game he wanted (and actually due to its mature rating couldn't purchase on his own).

The thing was as I listened to this conversation I could tell that the father was worried about how his son was turning out. The kid was having a rough time at school (from lack of effort it seemed) and his father was trying to speak to him about the honest-days-work philosophy. Get your life in order first. Then play games when you can afford it. Of course this was totally going over the kid's head as they were speaking across a generational chasm.

I just hope he can make a good burrito for me in 5 years or so. I need the calories for those all night gaming sessions.

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