Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Keep Them On Leash

Today we have a guest blog post. These are the words of my sister Jaime, though I agree with most of the opinions.

Last night, for the first time in her 1 and 1/2 years of life, I wasn't able to stop Scarlett from getting hurt. She's fine though. But, as I lovingly call her Scar or Scar-Face, she now has the beginnings of her first scars.

As we walked past the park we have gone to everyday of her life since we've been together, she began to sniff the fence. There was a dog on the other side. As we approached the dog started to bark and it's owner informed me "she's not friendly with other dogs." I decided we wouldn't go into the park then; rather we'd stay outside along the fence and walk to a different park. Here's the part where we realize the true stupidity of man-kind.

To this owner, "not friendly with other dogs" meant it was ok to have his dog off-leash in an UN-enclosed park. I'm not kidding folks. He actually had his dog off-leash in an open park.

Scarlett was on-leash when the other dog sprinted out of the park towards us. I tried to block Scarlett from the other dog, but it just threw me out of the way and latched onto Scarlett.

I'm not proud of what I did. I didn't know what else to do. I couldn't get the dog off. The other owner wasn't paying attention. I wasn't going to let Scarlett get hurt. I kicked the other dog. Repeatedly. It wouldn't let go of Scarlett.

Finally, the dogs owner realized what was going on (it's a bit late buddy!) and ran over and got his dog off Scarlett. I have never before heard the noises I heard come from Scarlett, and if I ever hear them again it will be too soon. The owner and other dog took off before I could even get their names.

Scarlett turned to run home and I followed, leash in hand during this whole ordeal. Eventually I got her to stop and that's when I saw the blood start to pool through her fur.

Off to the vet we went. She has three pretty large puncture wounds in a line across her shoulders. She's on pain medication and an anti-biotic. Here's a shout-out to Animal Kind Vet Hospital for being there, being open and yelling with me about the audacity of this owner.

She's home now. And I'm at work. I think we both lost at least a year off of our lives last night. At least Scarlett got a shot of some good pain medication!

What the hell people? Off-leash and unfriendly? I've broken many an off-leash rule myself. But that's because I know my dog is friendly. If you're dog isn't friendly, don't let them off leash in an un-enclosed park. Seriously.

And if I ever see this guy again....

Also, on a happier note, click here ( Changing the Political Landscape in the South by Adding Women to the Pipeline ) to see the recent article I wrote in the Atlanta Daybook.


Jaime N. Peters said...

Thanks Big Brother!

Kevin said...

Frickin' A, I hope that guy really gets what's coming to him. Some people are such thoughtless idiots.