Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mike Buys a Pig

Now after our first trip to Sasquailli, we had debated on whether or not Mike's spanish was up to the task of getting in on the animal negotiations. This naturally lead us to debating his ability to purchase a pig, and then re-sell it without losing half of his investment. Always up for a challenge Mike went to work the next time we where at the animal marked.

And once he had purchase a cute little pig (for $8) the little bastard would not shut up. But we wandered our way through the market to head off to the guinea pig section. Mike's strategy was to barter the pig through cuy (cuy:guinea pig;beef:cow) becuase he had a repore with the ladies over there and thought that might get him a better deal.

All through the marked, everyone wanted to meet gringo's pig. And of course they wanted to know what he paid for it. Though no one in the vegetable market seemed to know all that well whether we got a good price or not. All of them agreed with Mike that we got ripped off, but no one had the right spirit in their laughter at it.

Anyway, once at the cuy baskets, Mike starts his charming thing, when out of no where a crowd develops, and an old indigenous woman grabs little piggy's balls and decides he's going to be a good breeder. At this point all hell breaks loose as the little old native is trying to wrest the leash from Mike's hand while offering some money. One of the cuy girls starts counter bidding. At the high point, he's offered 5 cuy (and since they cost $2 each that would be a profit), but settles on the cash from the indigenous woman for $8, coming out exactly even on the whole exchange.

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