Monday, February 19, 2007

Ecuador: Rafting with Gui

Well, looking for things to do around Ecuador we discovered day rafting trips. With Mike and my recent adventures in California and Idaho, we decided that we enjoyed rafting enough to go for a day trip. Of course a day trip means leaving hella early, and so we needed to find coffee at 6 a.m. This is where our troubles started, and where our friendship with the raft guide began.

Given that we where on a schedule and in a hurry, we went to the 24 hour coffee shop to grab some breakfast and caffeine. We impressed upon the staff our need to hurry, and made our order being assured that it would take only a minute or two to complete. This is where manana time screwed us over. 15 minutes later, and they where still trying to figure out how best to boil the water for the tea (don't even get me started on why the coffee house was out of coffee).

So quite agitated, Mike and I start trying to get the bill and to pay for our order in spite of it not having been completed. They apparently where unfamiliar with this concept, and accommodated begrudgingly but tempers had began to rise. And as we where arguing, our guide showed up looking for us and started to aid us in our dispute. He actually argued so strongly that the manager at the coffee house screamed pendajo after him as security wakled us all out.

After that we had bonded quite well with the guide, and Mike and I being the most experienced paddlers in our group grabbed a boat with the trip leader and proceeded to have a helluva good day. Rafting is really sweet when you don't have to do any of the prep work for the meals, and you get a couple of beers at the end.

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