Monday, January 15, 2007

Why is there a pillow in my underwear?

Jayne is a violent sleeper. I'm not waking up with bruises or anything (I trust in my physical fortitude for protection here), but once unconscious she's merciless about bed space and cover allotments. Even so I was surprised Saturday night when, in a haze of semi-consciousness, I had her small black pillow slammed into my face. And actually after that it was set up as a barrier that I had no intention of crossing. A shiner from a pillow just doesn't scream 'manly'.

And when I brought this up with her last night (after she apologized for her unconscious unintentional acts), she proceeded to stuff the pillow in my underwear. Well that pillow's lost bed privileges for a while (by which I mean I jettisoned it from our upper level loft. It made a very satisfying foop)

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