Wednesday, December 05, 2007

We Work Hard, We Play Hard

Given that I haven't done cardio for quite some time, I found my handiest excuse (that being that having my gym near where I work makes it hard to schedule cardio time) and eliminated it. The only way I had to do that was to join a second gym in the city near where I live.

So after some Yelp time I found out that there are two reasonable options inside of a short (1-mile) walk and I picked the one without the reviews of mildew in the locker room. So I'm now a member of Gold's Gym.

The thing is that this gym is in the heart of SoMa. That's bear country. And there are a lot of bears at the gym. Here are the two things I've learned in my last week

  1. Bears need beauty sleep too

  2. I Will Survive is appropriate work out music

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Scotch and Apples

Haven't updated in a while, but here's what I've been up to.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Immigration May Not Cure American Entitlement

One of my longstanding hopes for fighting the Super-Size me ego-centric American culture that I see around me (and, to be fair, in me) was through immigration. I'm proud of living in a melting pot, and I've always been impressed at the work ethic of people when they've come to the new world. Whether it's the Irish, Italians or Mexicans, it's always seemed like people coming to this country respected and appreciated a hard days work for a fair days wage.

But it seems that these better-land attitudes are lasting fewer and fewer generations. What got me thinking about this was a conversation I overheard while waiting in the midnight line to purchase Halo 3. A working class Mexican who I could tell truly loved his son and wanted to give him the world, was on line with him to give him the video game he wanted (and actually due to its mature rating couldn't purchase on his own).

The thing was as I listened to this conversation I could tell that the father was worried about how his son was turning out. The kid was having a rough time at school (from lack of effort it seemed) and his father was trying to speak to him about the honest-days-work philosophy. Get your life in order first. Then play games when you can afford it. Of course this was totally going over the kid's head as they were speaking across a generational chasm.

I just hope he can make a good burrito for me in 5 years or so. I need the calories for those all night gaming sessions.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Keep Them On Leash

Today we have a guest blog post. These are the words of my sister Jaime, though I agree with most of the opinions.

Last night, for the first time in her 1 and 1/2 years of life, I wasn't able to stop Scarlett from getting hurt. She's fine though. But, as I lovingly call her Scar or Scar-Face, she now has the beginnings of her first scars.

As we walked past the park we have gone to everyday of her life since we've been together, she began to sniff the fence. There was a dog on the other side. As we approached the dog started to bark and it's owner informed me "she's not friendly with other dogs." I decided we wouldn't go into the park then; rather we'd stay outside along the fence and walk to a different park. Here's the part where we realize the true stupidity of man-kind.

To this owner, "not friendly with other dogs" meant it was ok to have his dog off-leash in an UN-enclosed park. I'm not kidding folks. He actually had his dog off-leash in an open park.

Scarlett was on-leash when the other dog sprinted out of the park towards us. I tried to block Scarlett from the other dog, but it just threw me out of the way and latched onto Scarlett.

I'm not proud of what I did. I didn't know what else to do. I couldn't get the dog off. The other owner wasn't paying attention. I wasn't going to let Scarlett get hurt. I kicked the other dog. Repeatedly. It wouldn't let go of Scarlett.

Finally, the dogs owner realized what was going on (it's a bit late buddy!) and ran over and got his dog off Scarlett. I have never before heard the noises I heard come from Scarlett, and if I ever hear them again it will be too soon. The owner and other dog took off before I could even get their names.

Scarlett turned to run home and I followed, leash in hand during this whole ordeal. Eventually I got her to stop and that's when I saw the blood start to pool through her fur.

Off to the vet we went. She has three pretty large puncture wounds in a line across her shoulders. She's on pain medication and an anti-biotic. Here's a shout-out to Animal Kind Vet Hospital for being there, being open and yelling with me about the audacity of this owner.

She's home now. And I'm at work. I think we both lost at least a year off of our lives last night. At least Scarlett got a shot of some good pain medication!

What the hell people? Off-leash and unfriendly? I've broken many an off-leash rule myself. But that's because I know my dog is friendly. If you're dog isn't friendly, don't let them off leash in an un-enclosed park. Seriously.

And if I ever see this guy again....

Also, on a happier note, click here ( Changing the Political Landscape in the South by Adding Women to the Pipeline ) to see the recent article I wrote in the Atlanta Daybook.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Conversation With Gen

Keith (from loft mezzanine): Hey Babe, I want some credit for how good I just was.
Gen: What did you do?
Keith: I just took a dookie in the shape of a G cleft and didn't make you come look at it.
Gen: ... Damn I kinda wish I saw that ...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

A Crash of ThunderBolt

It's not a question of if you go down. It's a question of when.

I've heard that for a while now, and known it on some intellectual level. Now I more fully understand the meaning behind the phrase. Now that my body has spun at 75 mph on the 101.

It began simply enough. I was on my morning commute to work and I noticed a Prius wandering through traffic. Wandering here isn't quite the right word, because the word I want needs a slight connotation of hunting with a hint of pre-shadowing. The words I've got is that the driver was behaving enough like an asshole to trigger my spider sense.

But he wanders his way through traffic and pulls into the lane next to mine (mine being the far left). He then proceeds to wander into my lane. I've seen people like this before. "He probably doesn't see me," I think and start to blare my horn. And I continue to hold it down. And continue some more. After a solid 3 to 5 seconds of him merging at me and me holding the horn down, I realize that perhaps he isn't going to stop before he hits me. This is the point where I veer slightly to the left, and apply the breaks.

This is also the place where my bikes stops being vertical

ThunderBolt goes down on it's left side and slides a while down the freeway. This much I piece together a minute or so later because what I'm doing is way more interesting. I'm spinning along the freeway. My body is perpendicular to the direction of traffic, but spinning in the direction momentum dictates it must continue.

I spin for 50 feet and like 5 rotations before my head bounces off the divider in the middle of the freeway and I do another 5 rotations for another 50 feet. Thankfully this all occurs in the lane I started in.

So I'm lying in the freeway now thinking two things. 1) I just fell off my bike and have a lot of adrenaline running through my system. I might have broken something and not know it yet. And 2) there are cars still working on getting to work themselves. So I try to put a little weight on my legs. They hold. A little more. Still holding. A little more and that's all of my weight. OK. Now let's get to my bike.

As I limb along the divider several drivers ask to make sure I'm alright. I reply that I am (as far as I know) and get up to my bike where a good Samaritan has parked his car just in front of my bike, is lighting a flare, and is on the phone with CHP. This guy is awesome, and tells the police all about the Prius when they arrive.

The CHP officer shows up a minute later and asks if I'm OK and if I can move the bike that's currently in the left lane. When I reply in the positive, he walks out into the traffic, points at cars and goes "You, stop. You, stop ... " and we get off the road.

On the side of the road I get a chance to check myself out. I've got a little road rash on my lefs (I'm so getting the protective pants that go with my jacket now), but no other signs of trauma. Paramedics show up, and help me confirm my initial assessment of my physique, and I let them go on their merry way so I don't have to spend the day in the hospital getting useless tests done.

A tow later, and Mike Markson picks me up and we get to work and go for margaritas for lunch. I've been recovering the last few days (mostly muscle soreness and regrowing skin on my knees) and dealing with shit to get my bike fixed.

Gen's been a real trooper through this. She's even helped me clean the asphalt out of my legs. And of course she reminded me that if I ever let anything happen to myself, she'll kill me.

And I owe Stephen a huge thanks on this one. He helped push me to get the protective jacket, and he kept telling me I should already have the matching pants. Well I'll be getting those when I get my new helmet.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Dijking (sounds like biking but with a 'd') is a game I made up in honor of Dijkstra's shortest distance algorithm. The goal is to use the new-fangled drag-and-drop feature on google maps and try to beat the algorithm in some metric.

Here's my first pass (this is the route from Rich's house to mine).

Google's algo: 25.3 mi – about 36 mins

My Mods: 24.8 mi – about 36 mins

Not a whole lot better, but the "local shortcuts" do seem to be able to beat the default. I also just like saying dijking.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Weird Emails

I got two odd emails in the last month. The first was from someone who wanted to comment on my picture of the Cherry Darling impersonator telling me that my guess as to the casting call was fairly accurate (and had some appropriate credentials to make be believe his story).

And the other was from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch (the licensed brothel from the HBO America Undercover series) confirming my reservation. As I made no such reservation I investigated and found that it was sent to an email address other than my standard one. Actually, the
address it was sent to was one I didn't even realize delivered to me. So now I have actually sent an email to a prostitute. Though I did it because manners demanded that I inform them of the error.

Wii Enabled

I finally got myself a Wii this weekend. Fry's actually ran out of Zelda: Twilight Princess before Wiis and so their bundle deal was a little weirded out and I got two random games. Gen and I made little Miis on Saturday and played some Wii sports. She totally kicked my ass at bowling.

Now I"m working my way through Resident Evil, and I'm glad I'm unemployed. Gen has a strict no-zombies-while-she's-home rule that was enacted after some problems sleeping while I played Dead Rising. Well at least it's been overcast in San Francisco to help the mood out even if I can't play at night.

Oh and Monkey Ball both kicks ass and totally sucks with the Wii interface. My wrist is totally sore after a long session of playing labyrinth with the wiimote.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

The People's Mario

This is awesome, if a little bloody.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

You should marry that woman.

That's what Rich said when I told him what Gen did for me for my birthday.

She made me a meat cake. By this I mean that she cooked two meatloaves in cake pan shapes. Layered them together with a ketchup/worcestershire sauce. And topped it all with a mashed potato icing. Then on the icing she added a colored icing "Happy Birthday Keith", and put bacon sprinkles around the whole thing.

I am the luckiest guy ever. Thanks Babe. I love you.

Friday, June 08, 2007


I was told on Wednesday that I could not get a 5x5. My initial reaction was to tell the register-monkey how to enter it in (it's complicated and I've had to edumacate people in the past). Apparently I made enough of a stink that a manager was sent over. She informed me that they no longer server anything larger than a 4x4 and claimed that it was new corporate police (well 6 months old). I hadn't been to in-n-out in a while and I wanted to indulge in a little gluttony. I was prepared for the treadmill time that it would cost me. But nope. They wouldn't sell me one.

They offered to sell me 2 separate burgers that I could assemble myself, but that's not the same, now is it? Guess I'm done with in-n-out entirely now.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bacon of the Month

My friends Rob and Margret are an interesting pair. Both very smart which always makes them fun to hang out with. But she's a vegetarian. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It just means that Rob, who does appreciate good animal flesh, doesn't get to eat it as often as he might like. This is why he told me about the Bacon of the Month club. And gently encouraged my joining.

It's pretty much exactly what you would expect. Every month they send out a new and different type of bacon to a bunch of aficionados for their bacon pleasure. And now I am one of those bacon snobs. But the welcome package just arrived and I had to share the goodies that lay within. Especially the little pig snout that Gen saw and quickly needed to try on. (I'm still happy she didn't try to get it on Ishy).

Of course all of life is about balance. And in order to maintain this balance, I've signed up for the Gorilla Run. This has two balancing actions. First off I feel like I'm trading pigs for gorillas (seems like a good trade in my book). While I'm contributing to pig death, I'm also contributing to gorilla life. Second, while I'm going to be taking Rob away from Margret for some Boys&Bacon™ nights, I'll be helping out Margret with her gorilla run.

Now I don't usually do the whole donation thing, but I'm going to make a plea here. Mostly because gorillas are freakin' awesome. We should make sure that these creatures (that had some awesome bigfoot-esque legends about them in the colonial days) are still around. I'm not prideful here. Any donation will do. So please help donate so I'm not left just a fool running in a monkey suit.

Here's my donation link once more

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Fucking Cagers


a popular word among motorcyclists and bicyclists for four wheeled motor vehicle drivers. The term is often used in a derogative sense, because the car body effectively forms a cage, isolating the said driver from having to interact with other road users.

The term was coined by motorcyclists.

Some ignorant cager nearly hit me while I was biking. Idiot obviously wants a U-lock to the face.

It's amazing how learning a new word can change how you view the world. I suppose that shouldn't be surprising given my recent tendencies to view consciousness as nothing more than a language processing program sitting on top of a billion year old OS.

Still some times it surprises me. Just by adding the term "cager" to my working vocabulary (and it wasn't even until today that I finally said it aloud) I've undergone a fairly serious review of my attitude towards the car/bicycle/motorcycle interactions I engage in.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Get your Halo on!

Helo 3 public beta opened today. There were a few small glitches with the Crackdown beta (I didn't try to do the rule-of-three thing) but I got a game in tonight (came in second while half the time trying to figure out the button remapping and shield stuff).

I'm gonna leave it at one game tonight. Gen's having some Halo flashbacks to a friend's ex, so I need to make sure to show that it won't be a problem for me to put the controller down.

But, once she goes to work tomorrow, Game on!

On Flowers

Alternatively: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Internet

So there has been a long hiatus on my blogging. There are a variety of reasons on it, but there was one incident that caused about 60% of the lack of blogging, so I'm going to blame everything on that and move forward.

1-800-flowers fucked me on Valentines day and forgot to bring the lube.

I went through a lot of prep to make sure Gen would get some nice flowers delivered to her office on Valentine's Day. I talked with her boss to make sure there wouldn't be any problems (I had fears that flowers in a Doctor's office could be a problem with allergies or such), and I paid extra to ensure Valentine's Delivery. I've studied enough basic supply/demand economics to understand that and not get to irate over it.

But here's the rub. They never showed up. And neither Gen nor I received any notification of any sort that this was going to/was/or had happend AT ANY TIME. Instead Gen's boss kept asking if a package had arrived (it was supposed to be a surprise), and ended up telling Gen about it when she had to go home and all parties where disappointed. And meanwhile I had been calling their support number to no avail to find out WTF was going on.

Gen and I went to a very nice Mexican restaurant called Maya (which I had selected because of her Guatemalan heritage. Speaking of which we should totally go back) And we had a very romantic evening, and things went well. It was two days before I found out what happened to the flowers.

As it turns out a snow storm in New England was "to blame". Somehow their capacity to deliver flowers is so fragile that they some sort of chain-reaction occurred obliterating all of their capabilities. Including phone support. So they were unable to even let anyone know what was going on.

I got all my money back and got the OK to convert it into a present for Gen, so it wasn't a huge loss. And I'm back to blogging now because I've successfully had FTD and Telegraph Flowers (link love for both of you guys) deliver flowers to my mom at home (Mother's Day) and Gen at work (her birthday) .

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Didju try reboo?

I just got this email:

I am currently in china now until mid june.
I tried signing on to the timesheet web site thru sera but have no luck clocking in. Is there anyway for keith allas or you to put in the times for me?



Apparently all Keith's look alike to asians. And it made me realize two things.

  1. AOL and Juman are still together after all these years. Whoa!

  2. I miss them winamp folk

More on my absence from the blogosphere later. Or not. Who knows?

Monday, February 26, 2007

Ecuador: Over and Out

And this is the last post for the first summer vacation I've had since I was about 15.

Silly Shots


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ecuador: The Rain Forest

Given that we found ourselves near the Amazon, Mike and I figured we should visit the rain forest. And, what the hell, we'ld go as cargo. Well this was mostly a bad idea as neither of us are too good with being told what to do by people less educated, and only slightly more knowledgeable in the area. Oh, yeah. There were the other dumbass toursits too.

That's not to say we had a bad time. We saw all manner of bugs, hacked vines, swung Tarzan style, fished for piranas. But that's the rain forest equivalent of Disney land. Next time we go on our own trip and see if we can see some real wild life.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ecuador: Bullfight

Mike has been telling me for a while about the glories of the bullfight he saw in Mexico. It was a great battle between worthy adversaries. So when we saw that there was an opportunity to go visit one while in Ecuador we jumped at the opportunity.

The thing is ... well ... the Ecuadorian matadors were pussies. They never gave the bull a chance and the death blow was only after the animal was fully incapacitated. But we got a lot of good pictures, and saw two of the matadors helpers get gored, so it wasn't all bad.

Oh, and we learned that the VIP seats in Ecuador aren't so much about seeing better, as being seen better. I think we were surrounded entirely by Columbian drug lords.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Ecuador: Rafting with Gui

Well, looking for things to do around Ecuador we discovered day rafting trips. With Mike and my recent adventures in California and Idaho, we decided that we enjoyed rafting enough to go for a day trip. Of course a day trip means leaving hella early, and so we needed to find coffee at 6 a.m. This is where our troubles started, and where our friendship with the raft guide began.

Given that we where on a schedule and in a hurry, we went to the 24 hour coffee shop to grab some breakfast and caffeine. We impressed upon the staff our need to hurry, and made our order being assured that it would take only a minute or two to complete. This is where manana time screwed us over. 15 minutes later, and they where still trying to figure out how best to boil the water for the tea (don't even get me started on why the coffee house was out of coffee).

So quite agitated, Mike and I start trying to get the bill and to pay for our order in spite of it not having been completed. They apparently where unfamiliar with this concept, and accommodated begrudgingly but tempers had began to rise. And as we where arguing, our guide showed up looking for us and started to aid us in our dispute. He actually argued so strongly that the manager at the coffee house screamed pendajo after him as security wakled us all out.

After that we had bonded quite well with the guide, and Mike and I being the most experienced paddlers in our group grabbed a boat with the trip leader and proceeded to have a helluva good day. Rafting is really sweet when you don't have to do any of the prep work for the meals, and you get a couple of beers at the end.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mike Buys a Pig

Now after our first trip to Sasquailli, we had debated on whether or not Mike's spanish was up to the task of getting in on the animal negotiations. This naturally lead us to debating his ability to purchase a pig, and then re-sell it without losing half of his investment. Always up for a challenge Mike went to work the next time we where at the animal marked.

And once he had purchase a cute little pig (for $8) the little bastard would not shut up. But we wandered our way through the market to head off to the guinea pig section. Mike's strategy was to barter the pig through cuy (cuy:guinea pig;beef:cow) becuase he had a repore with the ladies over there and thought that might get him a better deal.

All through the marked, everyone wanted to meet gringo's pig. And of course they wanted to know what he paid for it. Though no one in the vegetable market seemed to know all that well whether we got a good price or not. All of them agreed with Mike that we got ripped off, but no one had the right spirit in their laughter at it.

Anyway, once at the cuy baskets, Mike starts his charming thing, when out of no where a crowd develops, and an old indigenous woman grabs little piggy's balls and decides he's going to be a good breeder. At this point all hell breaks loose as the little old native is trying to wrest the leash from Mike's hand while offering some money. One of the cuy girls starts counter bidding. At the high point, he's offered 5 cuy (and since they cost $2 each that would be a profit), but settles on the cash from the indigenous woman for $8, coming out exactly even on the whole exchange.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ecuador: Imbabura

Imbabura is near the town of Cotocachi. This is a town renown for its leather-works. And you can get leather jackets etc. very cheap (like $75 for a very nice jacket). You can also get them to custom make anything you want for cost + $10 labor if you have the time.

The mountain itself involve a mile of vertical traversal. While there's nothing technical (it's just a hike), that's a lot of ground to cover, and next time we'll use this as a good warm up. But this one was fun and summited, so I was happy we went.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Ecuador: Otavalo

This one was the gringo market. Well, not the one where you buy gringos. I haven't found that one yet, but rather the one where all the gringos go to 'experience a native market'. I actually heard a middle-class texas woman go 'do you fellas have any banana crisps. Y'know like these dried banana things'. And of course she said it in the middle of some of the most amazing fresh fruit I've ever seen.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thanks 'Fred'

With the death of my 360, and it's subsequent resurrection in a new body, I've had some issues with re-enabling Jayne's pac-man addiction. Since I technically have new console, and since the games are DRM'ed she's no longer able to play them.

Now in all fairness to 'Fred', he was very helpful getting this issue resolved (or at least moved up the chain), but I couldn't understand his explanation of why I wasn't losing any rights when I overwrite the games on my system with a fresh download on a new account. And I asked for his name, so that I could call back later when I could verify my rights had been lost (John, his supervisor nicely explained how I wasn't losing any rights in a way that I at least bought). When he told me his name was 'Fred' I laughed and told him that if he didn't want to tell me his real name than I couldn't do much about it.

He took me calling him a liar better that I would expect someone honest to take it.

Ecuador: Sasquilli

Ah, Sasquilli. My first third world animal market. And the birthplace of an interesting bet. Oh, and the 'tortiallas' (basically cornmeal with onion fried in lard) are awesome. You just can't stop at one.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ecuador: Ambato

After Cotopaxi, we had to redirect our efforts, as I wasn't going to be going up Chimborazo (the highest point in the world measure in distance from the center of the earth). So we heard about Tunguraua erupting and decided to try to go see it. We got as far as the town of Ambato before we were told we shouldn't go any furhter.


Friday, February 02, 2007

We Interrupt our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Maybe Ecuador later today. For now, well I got my xbox back and I played online Halo for the first time yesterday in quite a while and...

I just won my first online ranked match Woot!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ecuador: Cotopaxi

And now for Cotopaxi. It's the second highest peak in Ecuador, and by far the prettiest. Summiting means starting on the ice at midnight and reaching the top before sunrise. There are some beautiful sights to see when you're looking at the night sky from above the clouds. I've never seen anything like it. And sunrise up at that height is amazing as well. Unfortunately my training wasn't as hard as I needed to make it, so I petered out before summiting. Well it'll drive me harder for next time.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First up: The Illinizas

In addition to having the hike up to the hut be one of the hardest days of my life (we took a detour and ended up short-cutting straight up some hillside). I was then bored and sick for a few days at altitude waiting for an appropriate weather window. After 3 days, of crappy weather we said 'Fuck it' and went in light fog. But we summited and had a good time doing so.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sacraficio del Pina

As for any good journey, you must make a sacrafice to the gods to ensure health and well-being. We chose a native to help us on our way.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Time Has Come

So begins my posting of the Ecuador photos. This set is from Quito, Ecuador's capital. This was the home base from which our adventures sprang. I'll see if I can't start posting more photos as the week progresses.

Ecuador: Quito

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Good Day

Well, yesterday was the Caltech Career Fair. And being as we always need more qualified engineers, I was sent down to go see if I could round up some recruits. The competition was monstrously fierce for the handful of CS grads, though I have a few resume's and some mental scars for the effort.

On the other hand, I also got to hang out with some Ricketts alums I haven't seen in a while. Disco made a cameo, and Shay, Sekanina and I went to go get some drinks at Lucky Baldwins. It reminded me that it's been a long time since I've done anything crazy. At least in a Mech. E. sort of way. Maybe I need to find some scaffolding...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's not you, Condo. It's me.

Breaking up is hard to do. But sometimes it's gotta be done and it's for the best. Whether it's because of fundamental differences of opinion or a lawsuit, sometimes you just gotta push the eject button.

So after talking with a Real Estate lawyer I rescinded my offer for the condo in the outer mission, and while I'm not exactly back to square one (I learned a lot in this process), I do start having to hit the real estate bars again (by which I of course mean open houses) and try to jump back on the horse.

What's the Real-Estate equivalent of a one-night stand? Do I need a rebound flip here?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Why is there a pillow in my underwear?

Jayne is a violent sleeper. I'm not waking up with bruises or anything (I trust in my physical fortitude for protection here), but once unconscious she's merciless about bed space and cover allotments. Even so I was surprised Saturday night when, in a haze of semi-consciousness, I had her small black pillow slammed into my face. And actually after that it was set up as a barrier that I had no intention of crossing. A shiner from a pillow just doesn't scream 'manly'.

And when I brought this up with her last night (after she apologized for her unconscious unintentional acts), she proceeded to stuff the pillow in my underwear. Well that pillow's lost bed privileges for a while (by which I mean I jettisoned it from our upper level loft. It made a very satisfying foop)

Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Rock

It occurs to me I've been pretty down on this blog of late. While it's pretty much because the last week was a special case of craptacularity, I did want to make one thing clear.

Life didn't suck.

As a matter of fact, each and every day last week I had a smile on my face as I drove home, because I was going to see Jayne again. She is such a wonderful force to have in my life, and I'm so glad that she's here. I love that no matter how messed up my day went, when I come home I can't help but smile. She makes me happy just to be near her.

So yeah, a whole bunch of shit sucked last week. Sucked donkey dong as a matter of fact. All-in-all though I'm doing pretty well. And the reason that I blogged the way I did was ... well ... I only really blog when I'm home alone. So it was the lull times when she wasn't around to keep me sane.

On an unrelated note, I did end up giving her whatever bug was keeping my unwell last week. (I know, it really is a crappy way to thank her). Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make sure she's warm and test my theory that no cold can stand up to large enough quantities of chicken soup.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Bad Day

Yesterday sucked.

  1. I was still sick from this weekend

  2. I was in the middle of doing penence for dental laziness

  3. My Xbox 360 bricked (red ring of death)

  4. I found out that the people with whom I an in escrow over a condo just go served litigation

  5. And just as Jayne got home and things started to get better, I got a call from my boss that the site wasn't updating

I really hope I handled the interview I did yesterday afternoon professionally.