Friday, December 08, 2006

Topix has Balls

Seasons Greetings from California

Well it's Christmas time at Topix again, and we've been a little saner around the office this year. We've gotten ahold of several christmas balls to hang on the tree (and some bottle opener schwag to help fill in the gaps). And since discovering that the University of Tennessee Volunteers colors are the same as ours, we've been thinking about ways to acquire what looks a lot like special made items for

And while Bryn was in Tennessee recently he saw some fancy-schmancy chirstmas balls for our tree. So now we have a very professional looking tree.

This is probably much better than when I crawled up on some tabes to put the snow globe up into the sunlight. I wasn't really risking a workman's comp problem there. And in all fairness I like the tree better this way.

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