Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Breeding Permits

OK, that's it. Breeding is no longer a right, it's a privilege. We need breeding permits and forced sterilizations.
Mother Charged, Could Have Put Baby in Microwave

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bad Flickr User. No Cookie For You

I've been bad about uploading photos to flickr. I've been taking them, I just haven't been uploading. So here are some sets of things that happened in the last few months.

No, I haven't gotten to the Ecuador pictures yet. I'm going to need to be waiting for Jayne to come home for longer than 3 hours to get to those.

Apple Picking

Ishy's 3rd Birthday

Scotchtoberfest '06

Unusual Gaming Techniques

I got an Xbox live vision camera when they came out. It was like $40 and I could get it with a year of Xbox live and rationalize as a combined purchase two things I had been on the fence about individually. Plus I figured it would come with eye-toy style games.

Well I didn't know about any, so other than being able to personalize my gamer picture (which only friends can see, and since I don't know anybody's live handle thats moot) and being able to see a wavy picture of myself on the desktop, the only thing I've gotten from it is a Hal-9000-esque green glowy light on the top of my TV.

Then I discovered TotemBall in some topix research (at least that's what I'm calling the time I spent reading xbox blogs at work, and adding one or two to the crawl) which is a free Xbox live download that is supposed to be all eye-toy style. And I suppose it kinda is, though my arms never needed a break when I played a Sony game.

And after 10 or 15 minutes of shoulder frustration (mostly reminding me I really need to get my ass back to the gym) I gave up and let Jayne play. And she wandered into Pinball mode and got very frustrated. So I wanted to cheer her up a little, so proceeded to play the game by shaking my ass back and forth.

Yes. I shook my booty for gaming.

Anyway I got a chuckle, cheered her up a little, and as it turns out I play better that way too.