Friday, September 15, 2006

Soy un Pendajo

So I went rafting last weekend, and I did something stupid. Well at least one thing, though it looks more like two.

There was a place along the river known as jumping rock. It's a great place for the squinks because they get to jump into a large pool on the river from 20 feet up in pretty safe conditions. But for most of them, jumping 20 feet into water is something they have never even thought about. It's fun to see them work through their feers.

Anyway, there's a little bit of a climbing hop up and someone needs to spot the kids as they go. The guide who was set up for it in the first place was pretty young and wanted to make multiple jumps himself, so I offered to spot the kids so he could jump. This meant I jumped second to last (because P-Wood was spotting from above, and I from below).

So in order to make sure we went out with a bang P-Wood and I set up a fun little thing to do where I pretend to slip, yell "Oh shit", and he jumps in after me. OK, maybe P-Wood and I shouldn't collaborate on stuff as we're both kinda lacking in reasons and good sense. Anyway, the good news is he landed a full 8 inches away from me in the water. The bad news is I landed upside-down.

When I got out of the water (after receiving some glares from the guides for being a bad example) my eye felt like it was starting to swell, and I prepared myself for an upcoming black eye. So I wasn't too surprised when it started to swell Wednesday night.

Though it swelled oddly and looked kinda infected. I held fast to my black-eye theory until I got a look at my leg in the shower last night. I don't think it's a black eye. I think I somehow managed to get poison oak on my lower eye lid.

Told you I was a dumbass.


Conquest said...

Bro, you're right. I always thought the word was bendejo, you sure you're right?

gb may-montt said...

De hecho eres un pendejo. No se que significa "pendajo" o "bendejo".