Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Keith Roundup

Some quickies...

I got Ishy checked out today, at the vet's and set up an appointment for his neutering. Without thinking I set it for next Wednesday. As I think about it that's 9/20 or his birthday. Happy Birthday Ishy :).

Matt's in S.F. for a few days doing MIT recruiting stuff. We went out and got a beer and caught up. He's engaged. Congratulations.

I've been taking Thunderbolt into work regularly. I'm getting really good at getting it into and out of the edge of my parking space with cars on either side. It's all about the near horizontal lean turn. Certainly a good exercise for my recently under utilized pull muscles.

Oh, and a brain teaser. Does anyone know what part of speach the word 'what' is in it's usage in the following sentence: I wonder what George's life would be like if he had gone to college.

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