Saturday, September 23, 2006

Big Balls

Well Jayne and I visited the vet this morning. Mostly because when Jayne got home last night she looked at Ishy's balls and they were huge and bloated. I was tempted to take a picture and post it to share the horror (and male discomfort), but my better half has earned that handle today.

Turns out it's a side effect of his getting snipped as an older dog. He's got lots of energy (which I take as a good sign), and the vet thinks that might have effected it, so he's got a Rx for bed rest (and I do mean an Rx. Pills and everything).

So Jayne and my weekend plans to go around San Francisco are shot now. It's not fair to leave him alone like this when work doesn't require it, and any walking to the Love Parade, or the Fulsome Street Fair would just make the swelling worse.

And I must admit, I'm a little afraid to bring a dog with swollen balls to the Folsom Street fair.

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