Sunday, April 23, 2006

I walked across 1% of the continental U.S. yesterday

This week, Mike and I were discussing weekend plans, and we hit upon the idea of trying to complete the Slyline to the Sea trail. Given that when I took his joke seriously, he couldn't back out without seeming the puss, we decided to go for the hike.

This involved starting on Skyline Boulevard, just south of Palo Alto, and wandering through the redwood forests through Big Basin and on to Waddel beach near Santa Cruz. We hauled some monstrous ass, and made it through the 30 mile hike (1% of the U.S. cross coast distance) in under 10 hours (including an hour for lunch).

It was a good time, and a lot of fun, and did it's job well for taking me up to the next level of preparations for the strenuous activities awaiting me in Ecuador this summer.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I just wrote the two largest checks I've ever written

Damn you IRS! Actually I find myself strangely attracted to George W. Bush right now. Damn you tax breaks for making me see a silver lining in this hopeless cause of a president.

But as my dad always says, "they wouldn't make you pay it, if you couldn't afford it." A little optimistic, but it makes me happier.