Tuesday, March 14, 2006

That worked better than the Sudafed

I finally got a chance to take Jayne to Blowfish for sushi last night. And when I say got a chance, I mean Jayne dragged me out saying she wanted sushi, we took a wrong turn and ended up driving in front of the big sign with an animated blowfish. I also, of course, mean that I had wanted to take her to Blowfish since moving up to the city but have been too lazy to do so. I love that she makes me get off my ass and live a little. I don't know what I'ld do without here.

She seemed to enjoy the experience, and the ambiance. I don't think hentai was what she meant (or was expecting) when she suggested sushi, but she had a good time. And there was one bite I took from a Magiro Nigiri that had a little extra wasabi. That cleared my sinuses a hell of a lot better than the Sudafed I had taken earlier in the day. Pfffew.

And dinner tomorrow is steak at Morten's. It's good to live in the city.

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