Friday, March 31, 2006

I am All Growed Up

I went to Banana Republic today and bought myself a suit for Tolles' wedding tommorow, and learned a couple of things (or at least re-inforced a couple of old lessons)
  1. It's good to have a female eye to help with clothes shopping
  2. Suits can be quite expensive
  3. Suits make you look good
I'll try to have pictures from the wedding. If I can remember to charge my camera.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'm So Honored

I got a random call from a private number this morning while walking Ishy. This is usually a bad sign (I think I've unfortunately started to develop the opinion that if you're hiding something it's for a reason). But it didn't matter because the call came while I happened to be searching desperately for somewhere to place my morning coffee so I could get a baggie out, and was in no condition to answer the phone. They left voice mail (which is also usually a bad sign), and I forgot about it for an hour or so.

When I got around to checking it, I was stunned. Apparently my dog walker had used me as a referrence and someone was calling to check up on her. As I thought about it, it made a great deal of sense (I'm actually willing to do some interresting scheduling to get Ishy to Redwood City, now that I'm in San Francisco) and I felt very honored.

On the other hand, I was going to call her about watching Ishy this weekend, and it looks like she might be booked now. This will probably complicate matters significantly.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

That worked better than the Sudafed

I finally got a chance to take Jayne to Blowfish for sushi last night. And when I say got a chance, I mean Jayne dragged me out saying she wanted sushi, we took a wrong turn and ended up driving in front of the big sign with an animated blowfish. I also, of course, mean that I had wanted to take her to Blowfish since moving up to the city but have been too lazy to do so. I love that she makes me get off my ass and live a little. I don't know what I'ld do without here.

She seemed to enjoy the experience, and the ambiance. I don't think hentai was what she meant (or was expecting) when she suggested sushi, but she had a good time. And there was one bite I took from a Magiro Nigiri that had a little extra wasabi. That cleared my sinuses a hell of a lot better than the Sudafed I had taken earlier in the day. Pfffew.

And dinner tomorrow is steak at Morten's. It's good to live in the city.