Thursday, February 09, 2006

Happiness is like peeing your pants...

Everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth. -Jaime

Well I haven't posted much recently. I've been pretty busy. But I find myself with some time alone this evening and thought I might finaly get around to writing this post.

Blogosphere meet Jayne. Jayne meet the blogosphere. (Oh wait, you've met already). Jayne isn't her real name, but since it irks Andrew in just the right way, that's the way in which she will be referrenced here. Jayne and I had been just friends for a while. At schotchtoberfest, that got kicked up a notch.

And the last few months have been amazing. She's someone I can't get enough of, regardless of how much time we spend together. There have been few people in my life that fall into that camp. She's beautiful. And funny. And smart. And a joy to be around. And someone around whom I am comfortable being myself. And someone who makes me want to better myself, and who helps fill in the places where I'm not so good.

I can't get into all of the fun things we've done over the last few months (I didn't have time to write about it then, I'm not going to find it now), but let me tell you about one time that was particularly special. New Years Eve.

I hadn't really made any plans, and it was a few days before the New Year. Well we knew we were going to Andrew and Lexi's "prime your liver" party, but I really had no idea what to do for midnight. Jayne helped out by getting 10:30 reservations to the Acme Chophouse. This is a steakhouse at Pac Bell park. So we had a very late (and drunk) dinner of slabs of meat, and afterwards walked across the little offset of the bay that kayakers use to snag Barry Bonds' homers to a little park with a view of the Bay Bridge. There we waited patiently for midnight, and as soon as the fireworks started over the bridge, kissed pationately to start the New Year right.

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