Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Ishy chases the ducks Mike is teaching an electronics arts class this semester, and is about to start teaching the squinks how to solder. So he figured maybe he should learn himself, before he provides instruction. He picked up some of the basics, and wanted to know if I wanted to solder a phone together with him for practice. Of course I said yes, 'cause everyone knows how much fun soldering is.

This gave me a chance to bring Ishy down to Foster City and let him play in the pond at Mikes house. And oh boy did Ishy have a good time. He got to chase ducks and go swimming. I could see the innate Springer breeding in him that loved the experience.

Actually I just let him to his own devices while Mike and I soldered. At one point I realized it had been over 20 minutes since I had seen him, and I started to get worried. I whistled for him, and started calling. He didn't show up. Mike started calling him. He still didn't show. We looked around the banks and there was no sign of him.

Well this was bad. I really didn't want to have to go pick him up from doggie jail and get reprimanded because he didn't have a collar on at the time. But since it's a pond, he probably was staying close to the shore and not getting into too much trouble. We decided to put in some kayaks and go paddling for him.

So we dropped the kayaks in the water and found paddles and got ready to go after him. This was a good 5 to 10 minute process. Ishy waited until I had started walking out into the water and getting ready to enter the boat before he showed back up.

Silly puppy.

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