Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bending the On Leash Rules

New Phone. Yay! O.K. I haven't posted in a while, and I have a backlog of happy stuff to write about, but I need some venting now.

I took Ishy out for a walk this morning and headed off to a new park for him to check out. It appears to be a common dog hang out and looks like that it will occasionally stock doggie clean up bags, so I may try to go back. Providing this mornings experience burns off.

Now, I'm a fan of bending the on-leash rules every once in a while. It's good to let your dog wander off a bit, and it's not always easy to get to somewhere where he can roam freely and legally off leash. That being said, like any law, when you break it you damn well better accept the consequences, and try to make sure that the silly things that cause the law to be in place don't happen, or the man might just take away your on-leash privileges too.

Ishy can be a bit playful and friendly. So I tend not to take him off leash too often and I'm always close at hand. And I violate my own rule that the dog damn well better be under strict voice control if he's off leash. However this morning at the park, two large (90 lb.) dogs paired up and ran at him growling, barking, and biting.

I was very proud of Ishy here. He didn't shy away, but he didn't go overly vicious. He did enough to keep himself self while I tried to keep myself between the dogs and him.

Now here's the part that pisses me off. The dogs' owners were jogging at a comfortable trot while this was happening. Excuse me. This isn't time for a fucking stroll. Your out of control, illegally off-leash dogs are attacking mine, and the only reason I wasn't personally kicking their asses was I might want to come back to this park. You get your ass in gear and sprint to take care of this.

And when they finally do get close enough to start to muzzle their dogs, I hear nary an apology.

Maybe I don't need to go back to that park if there's such assholes there.

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