Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Making Chirstmas. Making Christmas. Fah-la-laaaa...

DSC02194 Last week was a blur at work, We're doing a big push to get some changes out (hopefully) next week. Last week was put all the code into place, and this week is bugfixes and sitting back and going "Hmmmn. Is that right/best?" So we've got a little stored up energy and some time to do something with it.

What this means is that crazy ideas get floated around. We have a 4 foot inflatable snow globe that Tom brought in to spread Christmas cheer. As it turns out, it has some attachments at the top to make it suspendable. So Joy and Sawka asked me if I thought I could raise it up into the roof alcove over the newly aquired tree. And this is where you learn the lesson: "Never challenge a Techer to do something you don't want to see done."

After quickly running through a number of bad ideas (one involved re-tarring the roof), I decided on a not-entirely-bad idea of lasso-ing the fire sprinkler pipe that was up there. This did have the failure case of a very soggy Christmas tree (and hero for our story), but the pipe looked strong, the snow globe is pretty light, and I didn't expect to be able to lasso it anyway.

Well after standing on a table on a table, I was actually able to toss a phone cable over the pipe and hook it into place. We attached the glob and raised it up (with Christmas lights attached). It only took about a half hour from challenge to completion, and then we decorated the tree while we were at it.

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