Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanksgiving in Dublin

Teach the Irish how to go for thirds, that's it Since the beginning of college, every Thanksgiving I've spent has been with a different set of 'family'. I never left Pasadena while in college and so spent spent each year with a different set of members of Ricketts Hovse. Slowly the classes changes, and one year I even got to spend with Matt (a fellow member of the HBC). After college, I slowly I collected more and more people starting with just Jaime, then Jaime with Lexi and Andrew, and then actually getting the entire Basteel Clan to meet the Peters Clan.

This year was very different from the previous ones.

Cherie is getting her Masters degree at Trinity College in Dublin. This means that she's stuck in the Old World where they don't really know about Thanksgiving (or at least that's what I thought in August). So I figured I would use it as an excuse to go visit Ireland and see if I couldn't give her some family and American traditions to with which to enjoy the holiday.

Turns out there are a number of Americans studying there and they had plans to set up a large Thanksgiving dinner amongst the Trinity folk, so all I had to pack for the trip was Pumpkin Pie and Cranberry sauce in a can. Seems they don't have those in Ireland, so I got the bring a bit of the New World to the Old in the form of squash and preservatives.

But Cherie's got a great group of friends out there. They took the the American traditions well, and with just the right amount of resistance to anything from the States. There was tons of everything, including the wine. That's another part of the week. Apparently they drink a lot in Ireland. Who'ld have guessed. I got right pissed (drunk for those in the States) every night I was there. Good times.

The time in Dublin went by in a blur. The highlights were:

  • The Jameson Distillery
  • Getting my favorite Irish Whiskey Green Spot
  • Seeing a Medival Crypt
  • The Book of Kells(?)
  • Dublin Castle
  • Trying to find a battery for my camera
  • Fish and Chips
  • An impromptu snowball fight in an unlikely Dublin snowfall
  • And so many other things I can't even remember

Thanks Cherie. I think there will need to be a spring trip, so keep an eye on your calendar.

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