Tuesday, November 01, 2005

And the Hangover Passes

Scotchtoberfest 2005 was a great success. While smaller than previous years I think that we did well, and that it was a good farewell to Montgomery St (Lexi and Andrew have their huge place in the city, and I don't expect I'll be here next year either). I made it through the entire night. And I remember very little of it. There was no actuall lamp shade on my head, but I did nock my electric keyboard over several times.

The scotches where superb, and since I hosted, this year I keep the booty. Sweet. Though that comes with the responsibility of hosting parties to consume it in the following year, so I've got quite the task in front of me. And I managed to maintain consciousness right through to the end of the evening. Though it helps that no one wanted to go for Karaoke, because I don't think I was making it out of the house.

And I'm proud to say, I'm still not old enough to have a two day hangover. I may have just jinxed myself, but after 12 hours of Firefly on Saturday, I was feeling much better.


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