Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Re-Animator: Live

Friday night, Pat, Andrew, Jason and I went to see a theatrical production of Re-Animator. Prior to this weekend, my familiarity with the story was simply the line from American Beauty. It was quite a show.

The troop producing it is the Primitive Screwheads (who did a similar show for Evil Dead 2 that I missed), and one of their tennants seems to be to cover the audience in as much fake blood as is possible. Much like Sea World, except rather than just the first few rows, the whole audience will get wet.

Upon entering the theater, all the seats where covered with plastic sheets. This meant that I could stow the stuff I wanted to keep unstained under my seat safely. But it also meant that several audience members sat under the plastic to try and keep themselve neat. Which mean that I got to hear a large bear say something to the effect of "quit hogging all the plastic". That was priceless.

And after the show we went bar hopping. That was particularly fun with how we looked.

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