Saturday, September 24, 2005

Old la Honda

Bryn and I finally got around to climbing up Old la Honda today. It's a road that runs up to Skyline Blvd (which runs along the highpoint of the mountains on the peninsula) from Woodside. So we started at sea level (I know this since the new offices is pretty much right on the Bay) and climbed to 1461 feet. Bryn uses Old la Honda as a metric of bike fitness, and I don't feel too bad about my 29:40 time. I just made it up in under a half hour.

The worst part was that once on Skyline we then went over to Old King's Road (or something like that) to get back down, which means that on Skyline we re-climbed that last 400 feet 3 or 4 times.

I thought my legs were tired after that Page Mill run. But at least that was just short term fatigue. This is much more fully worn down on energy. That handicapped seat in the shower never looked so tempting before.

But it was a ton of fun (and that worn out feeling is always a good one). And today was a perfect day for a ride like that because the sun was out and was just the right temperature not to overheat, and not to be too cool.

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