Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mate Vana

I wandered off to the Stanford Shopping Center yesterday in search of an iPod nano (which I was unable to find. God bless internet shopping. However since I was there, I figured I'ld drop in on the cute ladies who run the tea shop there.

Since I have taken to brewing tea some mornings as a coffee alternative I asked them for a recommendation for a strongly caffinated tea. The reply (from all three in unison) was Mate Vana. Not sure what it was, they opened the container for me, and I was met by a far fruitier aroma than I'ld previously assosiated with caffinated teas. I figured I'ld give it a shot, so I left with my standard 4oz container of loose leaf. (I just like ordering things in quarter-pounds).

This morning I brewed a pot to get me going, and I was very impressed. Granted I drank far more (by volume) tea than I normally would consume in coffee. But it was a great way to start the day, and I felt little need for more later.

I also discovered that those thermi ... thermoses? ... therma? (what is that the plural of thermos?) are useful for bringing along extra brew for after a morning bike ride.

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