Monday, September 12, 2005

Chassis Fans

Well, I finally got around to trying to "emerge -uD world" on my gentoo box in my living room. Except that it kept croaking in compiling. And every time it rebooted (of it's own accord), the CPU temp was about 66°C. Wow. 2/3 of the way to boiling water. So I went to frys and picked up a chassis fan to help cool the system down.

The good news is that it worked. The bad news is that I pulled a Home-Improvement on it (i.e. "More Power") and now have something that sounds like a wind tunnel going in my living room. The wind speed is actually causing the scroll poster I have hung above the computer to ripple continuously.

Luckily if I close my bedroom door at night I can get to sleep. I'm thinking a couple more days looking for the right apm setting to slow this fucker down, or else I'm going to have to move the computer to a close somewhere.

Or, y'know, get another fan and pay attention to the purchase this time.

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