Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Trainwreck Effect

In talking with Rich today, he pointed this out to me. It's the blog of a fictional anonymous partner in a law firm in L.A. The narcisistic, greed infested postings are having a bit of a train wreck effect on me, and I can't stop reading it. Seriously I've probably spent more time reading it today than any book in the last month (and I've actually been in a reading sort of place lately).

Between the Machiavellian philosophy and the familial derisions ("another dreadful movie pitched right at Anonymous Wife's minimal IQ ve. (Especially at wherever they dropped off the trash they picked up this morning) But in my microcosm, I've gained some headway.

Actually it's a little disturbing. I've moved my little pentium linux router and cleaned up the 3 year dust that had been accumulating behind it. That means the only significant mess left is Ishy's room. I don't think my current KMart vacuum could handle that much dog hair though, so I might have to make a manual pass before breaking out machinery.

Oh, and there's a part of me that really hates a clean bathroom. I always feel guilty using it.

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