Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tequilaugust 2005

Well on Saturday I attended a party that MattPaul hosted which was inspired by scotchtoberfest. Along the same lines, he set up a Tequilaugust party wherein I got to try out a number of very good tequilas (and some bad ones bought for bottle shape. It's amazing how well that rule of thumb works).

Anyway, much fun was had and I got rip roaringly drunk. So much so that in spite of having planned to walk the mile to Bryn's house to pass out on his hammock (which he graciously offered. I was just asking that he not call the cops if I slept in my car in front of his yard), I didn't even make it out the front door until the next morning. Probably a good thing I didn't try, because who knows where I would have ended up.

Oh, and I've started using flickr for hosting my pictures. I'll have to see how long this lasts.

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