Friday, August 05, 2005

A Gallon of Milk

A lot of people know about the urban legend that you can't drink a gallon of milk in an hour. There's lots of reasons put forth. Some are sensible (it's a lot to drink of anything). Some are interresting (it's a lot of cold liquid to warm up). Some are truely bizzare (you can't break down that much lactose in that time frame). Well in true Mythbusters style, Arin and I made the attempt today.

Arin got a good 75% through. Pretty impressive I must admit. I actually got to within a pint, and with 5 minutes left. At that point I made the decision not to finish. I was pretty sure I could have (though I would have drank that last pint outside on the balcony. Just in case). But I had that moment of realization where I knew what the next 6 hours at the office would be like, and didn't want that.

I must be getting old. I think I need to go find some scientologists and raise my stupidity level back some.

Oh, and the cold thing. That's valid. The digestive thing. That's not. I was damn cold at the end of that hour and wrapped myself in a blanket. Other than that, the only side effects were consistant with a large quantity of liquid in your system.

It's definetely possible. It's on the edge of hard. I will now look down on people who attempt this and reach critical failure.

Anyway, we did this with 1% milk. A pretty good choice. Enough flavor to not be boring, but not so thick to impair drinking. And I did some math. That milk containes 1920 calories. Of course you burn 60 calories just bringing 4 liters of liquid from 12 to 27 degress celcius so it's really only 1860. 7/8's I think puts be at about 1600. Four slices of pizza, and breakfast put me up at about 2600 for the day (I'm actually still very not hungry, so no dinner). And given I went bike riding for 3 hours today (~2100 calories) I think today might end up in the negative column. Woot!

Oh, and while I did the bike ride to work I ran some numbers. If 20mph burns you 700 calories/hour on a bike, and a gallon of milk is 1920 calories, you get between 50 and 55 miles to the gallon on human power. Given that gas and milk prices are about the same ... well I won't draw any conclusions here. Just something I've been thinking about.

Oh, and one bit of stupidity. I forgot to look up the LD50 of calcium and Vitamin D beforehand. Thankfully halfway through I remembered and we were nowhere near.

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