Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fuck you GoogleTalk Installer

So while google talks about the whole 'Do no evil' philosophy, I must admit I'm pretty pissed at the new google talk installer. It violates a half dozen rules of ettiquette on installation. Namely:
  • I have no choice for where it gets installed. You don't want it in Program Files\Google\Google Talk? Tough Shit.
  • It installs the google toolbar without asking
  • It installs an icon on your desktop. Without asking (do we see a pattern here)
  • It starts up the application automatically
  • It sets the application to automatically start on boot
Hey guys. C'mon. I'm sure you were in a rush to release here. But this is simple shit to do. (I know. I helped write bits of the NSIS installer they use) It's actually to the point where I wonder if I should have had ethereal up to watch for any personal information being uploaded.

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