Saturday, August 13, 2005

Blood Bucket Ballyhoo

Last night Pat, Jason, Kevin and I went to the hypnodrome in San Francisco to see a series of plays entitled 'Blood Bucket Ballyhoo'. It's put on my a troop called the thrillpeddlers, who contiue the Grand Guignol tradion. Mostly this means they have plays of violence and depravity.

Actually this is the troop that puts on Shocktoberfest which I've been to the last two years, and it's a very good halloween show. And this summer showing was also very amusing. The prosthetics where (as always) impressive. As was the fake blood. It's amusing that the stage hands have to come out with a mop to clean up the stage at intermission.

The four of us sat in the front row (of three, it's a nice small theater). And I recognised a big difference between a live action performance and say a movie. I've never actually sat that close at a performance before, but the fact was, that the actors do interact with the audience, if by nothing else, than by subtle shifts in eye contact when they face out from the stage.

Anyhoo, rambling aside, it's a good show. And since it runs through to the start of Shoctoberfest, I may try to see it again if I can find someone with whom to share a "shock box".

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