Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Trainwreck Effect

In talking with Rich today, he pointed this out to me. It's the blog of a fictional anonymous partner in a law firm in L.A. The narcisistic, greed infested postings are having a bit of a train wreck effect on me, and I can't stop reading it. Seriously I've probably spent more time reading it today than any book in the last month (and I've actually been in a reading sort of place lately).

Between the Machiavellian philosophy and the familial derisions ("another dreadful movie pitched right at Anonymous Wife's minimal IQ ve. (Especially at wherever they dropped off the trash they picked up this morning) But in my microcosm, I've gained some headway.

Actually it's a little disturbing. I've moved my little pentium linux router and cleaned up the 3 year dust that had been accumulating behind it. That means the only significant mess left is Ishy's room. I don't think my current KMart vacuum could handle that much dog hair though, so I might have to make a manual pass before breaking out machinery.

Oh, and there's a part of me that really hates a clean bathroom. I always feel guilty using it.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

A Day in New York

Yesterday I got the chance to see my family in New York. Actually not just my current family, but my soon-to-be family as well. Jaime had her engagement party on Saturday.

I flew into JFK at 6a.m. and Jaime picked me up and took me to hang out at her Brooklyn apartment. We spent the morning going around Prospect Park (where the party was to be held), getting some New York bagels, and just generally catching up. It's been a long time since I've gotten to talk with her in person, so I was happy to have the chance.

Actually it was great to see all of my family. It reminded me of how great they all are and how much I enjoy being with them. It's also very weird to only see them every 6 months or so, and so I've only got stop-motion photography style memories of how they look and who they are. And they change so much in that time it's surprising.

Anyway, I also got to meet Cate's family, which was nice. She's such a great person, and I'm glad her family is the same. We all bonded over food and touch football, and had a pretty great time. (Actually all of the little kids from Cate's family, and I don't know all the relations, were firmly convinced that david is a ninja, so it was neat to watch him show off).

But alas, Keith can be stupid sometimes, and booked himself a flight back home the very same day that he arrived. So there was a mad dash back to the airport, and I barely made my flight back home. But I made it back, safe and sound. And have tried to make up for my absense with Ishy today.

Anyway, check out the pictures

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I've been thinking about that last post a lot today. Mostly because I'm an overly appologetic type of person who feels bad every time he drinks too much from his own emotions.

It occurs to me that I may have diverted some of the large pile of emotional bullshit I'm trying to deal with right now towards a ... well ... non-combatant if you will.

I need to get my emotions under control. Or at the very least work out exactly what it is I feel.

And I need to do so soon. I don't have much social civility left.

Fuck you GoogleTalk Installer

So while google talks about the whole 'Do no evil' philosophy, I must admit I'm pretty pissed at the new google talk installer. It violates a half dozen rules of ettiquette on installation. Namely:
  • I have no choice for where it gets installed. You don't want it in Program Files\Google\Google Talk? Tough Shit.
  • It installs the google toolbar without asking
  • It installs an icon on your desktop. Without asking (do we see a pattern here)
  • It starts up the application automatically
  • It sets the application to automatically start on boot
Hey guys. C'mon. I'm sure you were in a rush to release here. But this is simple shit to do. (I know. I helped write bits of the NSIS installer they use) It's actually to the point where I wonder if I should have had ethereal up to watch for any personal information being uploaded.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Uncle Frank's is open again

Went there for lunch today. Woot. Maybe tomorrow too.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

'Bout damn time...

I head a while ago that Microsoft was madly scrambling to hire anyone who was ever even remotely connected to search (before Google could get them). I must admit that I had been a bit disappointed that my name hadn't come up in their searching (in spite of the fact that I couldn't come up with a way for it to have).

That is until yesterday, when I got the following e-mail. Of course, I'm still not really sure how they would have gotten my name, but it's nice to know I'm wanted. Even if they don't have a chance.

Hi Keith,
I am a member of the Microsoft Central Sourcing Team. Microsoft is seeking world class engineers to help create products that help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.
Your name and contact info was brought to my attention as someone who could potentially be a contributor at Microsoft, particularly with our MSN Search Team in Mountain View, CA or Redmond, WA. I would love an opportunity to speak with you in detail about your interest in a career at Microsoft, along with your experience, background and qualifications. I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have and can also provide you with any information I have available in regard to the positions and work life at Microsoft.
Please take a moment to visit My Calendar online to schedule a convenient time for me to contact you. You can learn more about our vision for the New World of Work at
Additionally, if you are aware of any current or previous colleagues who might also be interested in opportunities at Microsoft, I would be happy to speak with them as well. Referrals are always welcome, and are greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance and I look forward to an opportunity to speak to you in the near future
Best regards,
<microsoft rep>

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Blood Bucket Ballyhoo

Last night Pat, Jason, Kevin and I went to the hypnodrome in San Francisco to see a series of plays entitled 'Blood Bucket Ballyhoo'. It's put on my a troop called the thrillpeddlers, who contiue the Grand Guignol tradion. Mostly this means they have plays of violence and depravity.

Actually this is the troop that puts on Shocktoberfest which I've been to the last two years, and it's a very good halloween show. And this summer showing was also very amusing. The prosthetics where (as always) impressive. As was the fake blood. It's amusing that the stage hands have to come out with a mop to clean up the stage at intermission.

The four of us sat in the front row (of three, it's a nice small theater). And I recognised a big difference between a live action performance and say a movie. I've never actually sat that close at a performance before, but the fact was, that the actors do interact with the audience, if by nothing else, than by subtle shifts in eye contact when they face out from the stage.

Anyhoo, rambling aside, it's a good show. And since it runs through to the start of Shoctoberfest, I may try to see it again if I can find someone with whom to share a "shock box".

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tequilaugust 2005

Well on Saturday I attended a party that MattPaul hosted which was inspired by scotchtoberfest. Along the same lines, he set up a Tequilaugust party wherein I got to try out a number of very good tequilas (and some bad ones bought for bottle shape. It's amazing how well that rule of thumb works).

Anyway, much fun was had and I got rip roaringly drunk. So much so that in spite of having planned to walk the mile to Bryn's house to pass out on his hammock (which he graciously offered. I was just asking that he not call the cops if I slept in my car in front of his yard), I didn't even make it out the front door until the next morning. Probably a good thing I didn't try, because who knows where I would have ended up.

Oh, and I've started using flickr for hosting my pictures. I'll have to see how long this lasts.

New Fashion

I've gone and done it. I've purchased a Joey's bag. For those not familiar with the phrase, it come's from the Friends episode where Joey gets very attached to his man-purse. However since neither Andrew nor I are going around carrying something called a man-purse we refer to them as a Joey's bag.

The thing is that my camelback that I've been using to carry stuff on my motorcycle doesn't have enough space for everything I want to bring around. It's not really designed for bike travel. And it's not very stylish on my leather jacket. With neither classical nor romantic Quality I've decided it's probably time to find something better.

And the REI catalog this month had a good recomendation. They've got a new messengers bag for bicycle travel that works remarkably well for motorcycle travel as well. It's well balanced and affixes nicely to my back so it's not shifting anywhere in a turn. I just hope I don't need to make use of the water-proofed zippers it's got.

Friday, August 05, 2005

A Gallon of Milk

A lot of people know about the urban legend that you can't drink a gallon of milk in an hour. There's lots of reasons put forth. Some are sensible (it's a lot to drink of anything). Some are interresting (it's a lot of cold liquid to warm up). Some are truely bizzare (you can't break down that much lactose in that time frame). Well in true Mythbusters style, Arin and I made the attempt today.

Arin got a good 75% through. Pretty impressive I must admit. I actually got to within a pint, and with 5 minutes left. At that point I made the decision not to finish. I was pretty sure I could have (though I would have drank that last pint outside on the balcony. Just in case). But I had that moment of realization where I knew what the next 6 hours at the office would be like, and didn't want that.

I must be getting old. I think I need to go find some scientologists and raise my stupidity level back some.

Oh, and the cold thing. That's valid. The digestive thing. That's not. I was damn cold at the end of that hour and wrapped myself in a blanket. Other than that, the only side effects were consistant with a large quantity of liquid in your system.

It's definetely possible. It's on the edge of hard. I will now look down on people who attempt this and reach critical failure.

Anyway, we did this with 1% milk. A pretty good choice. Enough flavor to not be boring, but not so thick to impair drinking. And I did some math. That milk containes 1920 calories. Of course you burn 60 calories just bringing 4 liters of liquid from 12 to 27 degress celcius so it's really only 1860. 7/8's I think puts be at about 1600. Four slices of pizza, and breakfast put me up at about 2600 for the day (I'm actually still very not hungry, so no dinner). And given I went bike riding for 3 hours today (~2100 calories) I think today might end up in the negative column. Woot!

Oh, and while I did the bike ride to work I ran some numbers. If 20mph burns you 700 calories/hour on a bike, and a gallon of milk is 1920 calories, you get between 50 and 55 miles to the gallon on human power. Given that gas and milk prices are about the same ... well I won't draw any conclusions here. Just something I've been thinking about.

Oh, and one bit of stupidity. I forgot to look up the LD50 of calcium and Vitamin D beforehand. Thankfully halfway through I remembered and we were nowhere near.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Hiatus Update

It's entirely possible I spoke too soon. As I tried to get my comiccon pictures up (check out leia by the way, she's my new desktop at work) I realize that my photo album code did need a bit of tweaking to make it fully perl -T'able. Looks like it works now.


Sorry for the long hiatus... but here's the cause.

Someone on my hosted server got us 0wn3d. Well not too owned, but there was a hole in someone's scripts somewhere that allowed a cracker to gain access to our system. We used this as a seed crystal to clean out the server and help bring management of the box in line with what time people can put into it.

But we've been running in super safe mode, and hadn't even turned ExecCGI back on until now (and I had no intention of being the first to do it). But all my code is running in taint mode now -- and remarkably it only took me about 5 minutes of minor fixes in one library to get there. Woot. It's good to write good code.

Anyway, I've got a long omnibus post coming for the last two weeks worth of stuff (and a lot happened), and I'm going to work on it, but I'm not sure how long it will be before it gets posted.

So sit back, relax and comment away, 'cause ginyu's back.