Friday, July 01, 2005

Bad Keith. No biscuit for you.

I haven't updated in over two weeks. Granted one of those was in Idaho and at least 50 miles from any internet acces (woot). I completely understand now why people live there. It's beautiful. I seriously contemplated what it would take to buy a place out there. I'll have full details for that trip once I get photos from everyone (my camera's batteries where dead so no personal pics).

In the meanwhiles, I've been busy at work. But Stephen was kind enough to leave me a birthday present today. I had mentioned how riding my motorcycle would cause, well some iritation and itching. So to help he got me some anti monkey butt powder. I'll let you know how it works.

And I'm gonna have to figure out what to do about my Oregon speeding ticket. There was no way that road should have been 55. And I really don't think I was doing 85. I wonder how much consideration judges give written out of state depositions.

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