Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Pig Roast

On saturday we bid our farewell to Lexi and Andrew. Well we celebrated their approaching time in Zurich. And we did it with a whole pig. We had so many people over that I definetly consider the party a success. The yard was quite full and there was significant bleed into the house (though that was precipitated by Pruett's visit and complete lack of interrest in watching a pig be sliced up for food).

The imu worked well, and I have some ideas on how to improve it as when we pulled Wilber out, he wasn't done cooking. Some quick work with my camping knife (I'm so happy with my purchase from Colorado) and he was ready to be finished on the grill. Of course even with the crowd we gathered, I still have about 20 pounds of pig in my fridge. I have to be very careful any time I open the door as Ishy gets a little excited to see it.

And what would be a party without some alcohol? I had a little to drink and was easily persuaded to juggle and breath fire for a bit. I wasn't thinking at the time that it was all that luau-y (more Ricketts-y) but in retrospect I suppose it added to the atmosphere.


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