Thursday, June 09, 2005

Banana Leaves

As the time before I take posession of my pig approaches, I'm starting to realize I need to work out some of the details for it's preperations. (I don't know whether to call it Wilber or Charlene yet). Yesterday I went to Chavez Meat market upon Mike's recommendation looking for banana leaves and was a little disappointed with their selection. So today, I wandered of the Ranch 99 in Foster City. I hadn't realized there was one so close until I started doing some investigation.

I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for (as this is my first luau attempt) so I wandered through fresh produce for a while finding nothing. Then on a hunch I went through the freezer section and stubled through dumb luck upon them. I went in thinking I needed about 30 pounds (given a 50 pound pig that seems reasonable, along with some whiskey coated burlap sacks to steam the pig) and to my surprise they had exactly 29 one pound bags. Sweet.

So, now that I have the pig to pick up tomorrow, a hole dug, and 30lbs of banana leaves, all that's left is a big ass pile of hardwood, some porous rocks, a 'pig sack' (apparently I can get one at a gun store -- I'll go see if I can find it tonight) and a bottle of Jack Daniels. I've got a plan for everything other than the rocks. Not really sure where I'm going to get those, but hopefully inspiration will strike before too late tomorrow.

Oh, and if I've forgotten to invite anyone to the BBQ, stop on by Saturday at about 5 or 6. We'll need some help with all this meat.

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