Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lampshade Drunk

Oh boy was that some hangover yesterday. Andrew and Lexi had their penultimate BBQ on Friday night (the ultimate will be when we get a pig just before the head off to Zurich -- speaking of which I need to make some phone calls). It was a wild success and a crazy Basteel bash. I made the mistake of finisihing off 4 mostly empty bottles left from Scotchtoberfest. After a few glasses of burbon, I guess I misjudged how much was left in each because I was flying.

I have at times bemoaned the fact that I thought I couldn't get to the point that I referred to as Lampshade Drunk. Stupid beyond recognition, but in an outgoing and extrovertive way. Well, while there was no lampshade on my head, I hit that point with flying colors, and other than a slight emotional immaturity on my part, I'm glad I got there.

I'm also glad that there weren't pictures of some of the stupid things I did that were told to me as news the next day (I think it's one of the more complete black outs I've had). Things like, grabbing Lexi's ass, eating raw pork, and being harrassed as I tried to pass out in bed by Mike and Gen. I believe all my friendships are still in tact, but I have no idea if I made any progress forward or backward with Allysa (Andrew and Mike's oh so hot co-worker).

However, I wasn't the only one that rip roaring drunk. Ishy actually recieved an hour long lecture on Nitze by Samm. I'm still waiting for Ishy to start quoting it back to me.

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