Sunday, May 08, 2005

I now own Kangaroo Skin

Yet another species of animal has contributed, through its death, to my happiness now. I went to Golden Gate Cycles in the city upon recommendation from Tolles to aquire a helment and gloves. I have no intention of wearing loaner versions of those at my motorcycle class (did I mention I got my permit last week?) when I'm going to need to by my own anyway.

And talking with the guy at the store, I ended up with the really high end gloves which are made from kangaroo skin because their leather is tougher even the deer. So it's all about protecting my hands. And the knuckles are actually carbon fiber, so while they are protecting me from rocks debris, and heaven forbid a good fall, they also give the gloves this Mad Maz vibe.

For my helmet, well, I now have a new most expensive wearable. But since it's to protect my brain, I figure that's wear to spend the money. Even after reading the helmet review Stephen pointed to me that said Snell is just a marketing gimick, and not really going to protect me in realistic falls, I still went with them. First because it's hard not too. Second, I really didn't want to have that conversation with my dad. And third, the review was written by a 40-50 year old guy who is a lot more likly to take serious damage in a lower impact crash. I think my body is a lot more likely to do well there, and I damn well want the protection should I be in a very high energy crash.

But anyway, I'm all decked out. All I need now is a bike.

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