Thursday, May 26, 2005

Helpful neighbors

The guys cleaning up the yard are going to finish up today, but they needed full access to the driveway to cart away the crap and debris that was back there. This means that I had to move my Jeep. The only problem with that is that it's been sitting there for a few months without actually being run so the battery was completely dead. And the hood realease appears to be jammed so no jumping it (I'm glad I've now got this weekend free to look into these issues)

So I had to put the Jeep into neutral and push. Not so bad on the level surface of my driveway (though steering was interresting), but once I got to the dip in the curb and had to push the jeep up the small hill into the street, well I was stuck with a Jeep half blocking Montgomery St.

Thankfully the car that was bearing down on me was driven by my neighbor coming back from the grocery store, and she wondered what I was doing. Thankfully she offered to help in spite of not knowing exactly what she could do. That's a good lesson to learn. You can always offer help, even if you don't think it will do any good.

So I had her steer and was able to aply more brute force on the hood than I was from the open door, and made quick work of parking it on the street. That was an interresting way to start a day I thought would be quite lazy.

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