Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Everyone say hello to ThunderBolt

I had several errands to run in San Francisco on Saturday. Well I had one errand to run, and several opportunities while I was there. I had to put a deposit on a pig for the roast (It'll be on June 11th, and if Andrew doesn't send out an evite tomorrow I'll kick his ass and send one out myself). But since I was going to be in San Francisco, I thought I would check out Diesel's line of clothing as an on-line poll recommended that it's style matched mine and I'm looking for an alternative to clear cutting loggers.

And since I was going to be in the city, and it was Memorial Day weekend, and Golden Gate Cycles was having a sale, I thought I would drop in and ogle some bikes for a while. Now, armed with a nice list of things to do and a solid says worth of work, I thought some company for some of it would be nice, so I invited TeaGirl to lunch. She thought shopping would be fun, so I was pleasantly surprised with a whole day of company. Which turned out well. It's important to get some feminine opinion on clothing before you buy it.

But I found myself talking with a sales guy at the motorcycle dealership for a while, and he showed me a number of bikes that were to my liking and about what I wanted. Then he showed my what shall now be called 'ThunderBolt' (thanks TeaGirl for the name). It was pretty much exactly what I was looking for, and was on sale for a significant reduction in price that put it only slightly more expensive than a lot of the used bikes I had been looking at on Craig's list.

Remembering my fathers advice about buying used bikes from random people (and a little bit of hubris about whether or not I will ever drop my first bike) helped sway me torward the purchase. I did hesitate for quite a while on the purchase, and even gave the sales guy a little bit of a scare, because as I was hemming and hawing, another guy was trying to purchase the bike. Thankfully his credit report took a while to get, and since I was paying cash, I got to take the bike out from under him (metaphorically).

Of course I had neither insurance, nor my gear with me, so I had them hold onto the bike until today when I caltrained up with my helmet and gloves and drove off to work with it. It's so much fun. I didn't realize how much I missed riding a bike, even in 2 hours of stop lights (which was good start/stop practice for me) I had a blast.

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