Friday, April 08, 2005

Since I've opened the floodgates...

I haven't posted in almost a week so here's the quickie highlights...


I had been worse than usual lately and went through 3 pairs of sunglasses in almost as many days. I have a tendency to lose them, so I only buy cheep sunglasses (I think that might be part of my fear of getting real glasses). But I went out this weekend shopping, and actually opened up the passenger door to drop stuff off in the front seat and what should I find but the two lost pairs of sunglasses sitting together between the seat and the door. Now I need to figure out what to do with 3.


And what I had been shopping for was a pair of scissors. I got it in my head to try to give Ishy a trim. Bad idea. Only professionals are going to cut his hair from now on, and as soon as it's long enough to fix, he's going to one. But I was staring at two pairs, one nice, normal, and silver. The other was titanium. And in spite of not being able to come up with a single reason why titanium was better for scissors (like I care about 1oz of weight) I still had to give into my geekdom and buy the cool metal.

New Toy

And speaking of geeky toys, I just got a Canon SD500. It's so cool. It's tiny and takes 7 megapixel shots. I'm not sure what I'll need that resolution for, but I'll come up with something. And it turns on in almost no time. That was my biggest complaint with the G2. That it would take forever to boot (like 5-10sec.), but this goes from pressing on, to taking a picture in under 2 seconds. Very snazzy.

And here are my first day pictures

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