Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Modding Comfort

It's amazing how comfortable I'm getting at ripping apart comercial hardware to make some tweaks to improve it. I've always had this fear in the back of my head that I would never be able to put things back together. This partly comes from the story I heard about that bridge in England that was built by ancient peoples and stood without the rocks needed affixing to one another. A mathematician in his curiousity and hubris, took it apart to see how it worked. Long story short it's now held together with glue. And partly my fear comes from practical experience where, for example, my power drill doesn't work any more.

But I wanted a hard drive for my PS2. They have software that will let me jukebox between one game and another on an installed hard drive, and since that's such a great feature for my xbox, and no soldering is required for my ps2, I figured I'ld give it a go. This requires Sony's netowrk adapter (found retail), but I didn't feel like shilling out $1.50/Gig for disk space for sony's IDE hard drive, so I went online found a forum with people who got other hard drives to work, and checked to see if Fry's sale this weekend would be ok. It was listed as working, though next time I'll read the comments before I purchase.

Turns out the network adapter's ide power and communication plugs don't quite have enough play to allow the hard drive to attach properly. Well I ripped the thing apart (gently with a screwdriver), found I needed a #6 Torx screwdriver, got one at OSH, used my tin snips to allow for some more play on the power adapter, and then plugged everything in.

Now I'm just waiting for the jukebox software to arrive.

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