Tuesday, April 26, 2005


My plan is to bike into work with Lexi tomorrow. The camelback I bought is a few sizes too small (apparently I have a large chest. I should have remembered that from when I bought my backpack). So when I wear it biking, while I don't have to balance one handed to drink water, I do have to work a little harder to breath with a constriction device on.

Given that I will probably not want to wear spandex all day at the office, I do want a change of clothes. This meant either exercising my diaphragm more than I had planned, or dropping off clothes at the office tonight. Well, I might be over-exargerating the camelback problems because I had decided to go with the backpack solution.

That was until I remembered that I had left my bike at the office today. I had every intention of taking it home with me, but it slipped my mind as I left today. Well looks like I'll have to work obn my one handed balancing tomorrow.

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