Sunday, March 06, 2005

Whiskey Expo

Last night was the Whiskeys of the World Expo. It's the largest whiskey expo in North America and everyone comes out to peddle their best stuff. Of course there's a fine scotch collection, but there's also a wonderful selection of burbons and Irish whiskeys as well (though no Green Spot. Guess they're serious about 'not for export').

Andrew and Lexi where kind enough to get me a ticket this year as a Christmas present, so we met up at the San Francisco Hilton last night with Stephen and Autumn to do some serious ... uh ... whiskey connoisseur'ing. The whiskeys were great (as expected), but I haven't hung out with Lexi and Andrew much of late, and it's been months since I've seen Stephen and Autumn, so it was a very fine evening of catching up with friends.

As for the highlights. There was Al Capone's bootlegging rye recipe (which was a very good good and apparently one of the first american whiskey brands). There was a mix of three different levels of peet by glenbroddoch called 3-D which was very interresting. The three levels actually gave a good down stepping of flavor after you sipped it. And, I can't forget the knockout redheadded booth babe. There was quite a line to get turned down asking for her number.

And Andrew had arranged accomodations at the Hilton, so after last pour, the five of us headed up to our room for some drunken Settlers of Catan (which I totally should not have won given the initial board positioning), and some Filipino card game whose name I can't recall. And we all passed out shortly after we demolished the drunken munchies room service.

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