Saturday, March 26, 2005

Topix Celebration

Last night topix went out to dinner in the city in order to celebrate our good fortune. We got rooms at the Clift hotel, so that no one would need to designated drive, and had a nice steak dinner at Morton's. (All of this is in Union Square).

It was a really interresting experience to check in at the Clift hotel. It partially reminded me of a really good place to sit, relax, and smoke a cigar with 'the boys', but at the same time had a really cool, young vibe too. As I checked in, I actually got a this-place-is-too-cool-for-you vibe (not from the staff, more from my own insecurity). But by the time I made it up to my room to drop off my stuff, I was feeling the vibe, and actually started to realize that this was a good place for me to be.

Dinner was amazing. I always love the large party, nice restaurant feeling. And Mike (Markson) told me that Morton's had a double porterhouse (usually for two) that I should try. Turns out that it's a 48oz piece of meat (that's 3lbs or 1.4 kilos of beef), but it looked so good that I had to order it. And I've never actually eaten $90 worth of steak in a single sitting before. Mike ended up beating me a dollar that I couldn't finish it (I need to find a good way to frame that dollar).

The steak was huge, but I actually was in good form, and ate it and my two sides. Everyone wash mucho impressed (including the waiting staff who apparently very rarely get to see it). But what I thought was my proudest moment was that I actually finished my steak before most of the other people at the table finished their more modest (though only in a relative context) portions.

After dinner we hung out at the Redwood Room (which is the bar in the Clift). Turns out it's quite the happening spot, and I got the speach on several fronts reaffirming that I should move up to San Francisco. I just wish I could have diverted some blood away from digesting and onto more alcohol consumption, but I suppose since I had to be in Oakland this morning, it was good not to have too bad of a hangover.

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