Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Lead Class

So with Mike off skiing his spring break away, I decided that this week would be the perfect opportunity to take the Lead Climbing class that Planet Granite offers. Unlike top-roping where the rope is pre-attached to an achor at the top of the route, and the climber and belayer each have an end to tie into at the bottom, lead climbing is where you bring the rope up with you as you go. This is what you do outdoors, though it's easier in the gym where there are a bunch of ready made draws (double caribeners, one hooked on the wall, and the other free to have to rope hooked into it).

So Monday was mostly theory, and today we climbed a whole bunch. It's interresting because this opens up a new wall to me that I had previously not been allowed to climb. And it's the incredibly overhangy (read 135 degrees from horizontal) so it's the fun bicep straining one. And one of the practice routes we did today was on that wall. Actually the instructor choose that route specifically so that I would fall (which I did, but I made it farther than he thought I would) since part of the class was getting comfortable falling (and for the belayer, catching).

It was so much fun. But I don't know if I should have lifted weights afterwards. I think my arms are going to be extraordinarily mad at me tomorrow.

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