Monday, February 21, 2005

Well here's what happened...

I got up bright and early on Sunday morning ready for a day of rafting. It was so nice to have preprgrammed the Mr. Coffee so that as I stumbled out of bed I had the smell of coffee to help tell me it was morning. I call Mike and he and I head off to Berkeley where we arrive on time at Mel's. That should have been the first warning (Kuliga time is usually at least 15 minutes behind the rest of the world).

It turns out that none of the online stations that read water flows where actually sending data, so there was no way to tell what was going on in the Sierras from the East Bay. Delton (one of Mel's raftin buddies) had apparently been burned in the past, so didn't want to risk going up with a chance of no water. But Mel promised a day of driving, looking at water, and laughing, so the three of us got in her Jeep and drove up to the North Fork of the American River.

When we got there it was raining pretty hard and apparently the flow was something like 2800 cfs (cubic feet per second -- because a normal volume unit would be too easy) and Mel's cut-off for safely running the Class 4 rapids there was 2300 with experienced paddlers. So we said goodbye to the north fork and drove around Auburn to the South Fork.

The north fork isn't dam regulated so had high flow with all the rain we've been getting. The south fork however is man controlled and they weren't letting much through. (The flow was like 600 cfs). So we sat, ate lunch and laughed away with the Kayakers we had met up with.

To make sure the day wasn't a total waste, one of the kayakers had some land up near Georgetown, and on it was a deck that needed moving. I suppose I should be happy I got the chance to burn off at least a few calories on Sunday.

But we got back to Berkely and met up with Giles for a beer and buritos. And while I didn't get a chance to get miserably wet, I know that I haven't laughed that much in a day in a long time. I'll have to go rafting again sometime soon.

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