Thursday, February 03, 2005

Unexpected Kindness

It's the little rays of sunshine that you don't see coming that tend to hit you the hardest. Scootie-puff-puff was at climbing tonight. Perhaps that deserves some explaining...

We've taken to setting up an initiation ritual by starting with names the squinks will really hope don't catch on at school. We haven't figured out what demonstrate that they are ready to leave their nicknames, but I'm sure we'll know it when we see it. And I'm half responsible for the name Scootie-Puff-Puff. I like to think of it as the fun half.

But anyway, he came out tonight, and his mom came to pick him up. When she did she gave me a bag of chalk to thank me for being there. As it is, I'm mostly going because I have a great time climbing, and I enjoy spending time with the kids. Sometimes I forget that I'm actually making some sort of difference in their lives.

Thank you scootie's mom.

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