Sunday, February 06, 2005

This Weekend's Lessons

Some tasks need to be completed without a metric of progress

I have a problem with futility. Actually it's the exact opposite of the problem that computer in WarGames had. I'll often set to task on a problem and get frustrated at a lack of an appreciable metric of progress. I've been trying to work on that, and it seems to be one of those things that really signifies growing up.

I mean when you can't just put something down and have someone else magically fix it, you have to work through the pain and get it done yourself. This would be the lesson that was going through my head as I sat for hours at the brakes.

Washing dishes with a multitude of little cuts can be a painful experience

So another result of my time with a wrench this weekend was a whole lot of tiny cuts on my hand from every time a tool slipped and my fingers where thrown against some sharp steel edge. The broken skin wasn't exactly painful (the cramps were what was taking up the majority of my nerves bandwidth) at the time. However when I did the dishes after dinner tonight, I definetly notices a whole lot of spots on my hands that were unhappy about having soap on them.

Well growth comes from pain...

100W light bulbs are bright

Yeah. OK. In todays global climate, I probably shouldn't be wasting energy. Even if my landlord pays the electric bill. But the lights in the laundry room (both of them) went out this weekend, so I needed some new bulbs. I figured I'ld get some nice bright 100W bulbs, and I got a whole bunch extra so I could add some light to the rest of the house.

It made a huge difference, and I certainly wish I had gotten them before I blazed my way through the end of the Dark Tower series.

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