Monday, February 07, 2005

Be Careful How You Make Your Wishes

Well today included an interresting run of luck. For lunch we headed to Armadillo Willy's for some BBQ. Last time we were there, they had a chile dog for a lunch special which looked really good so I ordered it. The cashier seemed O.K. with it, but after I sat down and started waiting for it, he came in to let me know that the special had been cancelled. He replaced it with a different dish which actually would have cost me a couple of bucks more, so I figured it was alright that I didn't get my dog (though I'll probably have to break down and find one Wednesday night).

Then, later in the afternoon, Stephen comes into the engineering room and lets us know that he managed to find one of the straps to hold stuff to his motorcycle. And like everytime Stephen comes by to talk it's a tale worth listening to. He had apparently been sitting at his desk this morning and was going over the last time he had had the strap (because it was at that point lost), and he remembers that he had it last a week or so ago out in the street in front of the office. So he looks out the window, and there it is in the gutter.

It's at this point that he mentiones how glad he is that no one ever cleans the street there, and jokingly I mention that if he ever sees the cap to a coffee mug down there he should let me know. I had lost one almost 3 weeks ago. And this is the point where he tells me that he knows right where it is.

Well now I have my coffee mugs cap back, and I start thinking that this must be my lucky day (it's even suggested that I go buy a lottery ticket to make sure I take full advantage). The part of my brain that believes in magic (that I just can't beat down regardless of how much science I need/know) starts to believe in it and is convincing enough to persuade me to grab 'The Professor and The Madman' to read when I go out to dinner.

Well, here's where we'll need some explanation. I needed a new book to read since I had finished my last on Friday. So I went to my overly large book queue to pull something out and start to read while I went to get some ribs for dinner. Just before Christmas, Rich had leant me 'The Professor and the Madman' to go through, and so I grabbed it to read figuring that it was going to be the most enjoyable book to read with some chance of a woman walking over to start a discussion about it.

And to my surprise, the part of my brain still under Disney's control was right. Sort of. A woman did come over to remark that my book was a good read. Unfortunately she was about 40 years older than I had hoped for. I'll have to remember to be more specific about my requests in the future.

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