Tuesday, February 01, 2005


It's been so sweet the last couple of times at the gym. I had started to get complacent with the climbs I had been working on (mostly because they were at or above the level Mike was at before his injury) and was resisiting the urge to push further. I finally got over that.

There's been a couple of 5.11- routes that looked do-able so I've been trying them out and finding that, while extemely challenging, they are in fact within the high end of my capabilities. It's so sweet.

And at least one or two have been challenging for technique reasons. This means that do-better (one of the squinks who needs that nickname to convince him to actually do work) can't quite manage it. It's always a little annoying to see how easily the endomorphs take to climbing, what with their low body mass and all. And he needs to have some real challenges to actually force him to learn technique. So it's not just my self delusions that are being fed here either.

And Mike's shoulder injury appears to be almost fully healed, so he's been keeping right up with me. I know it drove him nuts when I got a head of him, and I'm enjoying the on-par status now that keeps us pushing each other.

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